Acknowledgment and Credits

IUCN Youth Voices has been developed by the East-West Center (EWC) as a virtual K-12 component of the IUCN World Conservation Congress Hawai‘i 2016. This work would not have been possible without the creativity, expertise, hard work, and dedication of many, especially the EWC’s AsiaPacificEd Program Director Namji Steinemann, who conceptualized the project, developed its content, and oversaw its production; and AsiaPacificEd Project Specialist Donna Ching, who coordinated the website production and handled much of its in-house production work. In addition, the cooperation and support provided by IUCN staff members Sebastià Semene Guitart (Forum Manager, IUCN World Conservation Congress, Hawaiʻi 2016) and Michelle Cartín (Deputy Forum Manager, Congress Unit, Union Development Group) have been essential. Extended thanks go to the following individuals for their invaluable contribution and service to the development of this web resource:

  • Michael Pinto, web designer for IUCN Youth Voices; and Chief Creative Officer, Very Memorable, Inc.
  • Marlon Sarmiento, production team leader for 50|50 Agency, external developer for website production
  • Linda Kindig, former Program Assistant, AsiaPacificEd Program, East-West Center
  • Jaymen Laupola, former Program Assistant, AsiaPacificEd Program, and Assistant Program Officer, East-West Center
  • Heather Clydesdale, curriculum consultant and writer
  • David Grossman, curriculum advisor and Adjunct Senior Fellow, Education Program, East-West Center
  • Cynthia Wessendorf, copyeditor
  • Raiatea Arcuri, social media consultant

Permission Credits


  • Mysteries of the Big Blue Biodiversity. © Rafael Rojas.
  • Sand dunes at Hidden vlei, Namibia. ten Broecke.
  • Backpackers examine an edible orange mushroom while hiking through forest in British Columbia. Joe McFarlane.
  • Global environmental conservation concept. Keating.
  • Hand holding a paper card with Live green, Think green, Love green word on abstract nature background. Vanatchanan/
  • Holding a plant in the palm of their hands. Futcher.
  • Clown fish. Jacobson.
  • Young people hands covered in Holi colors under blue sky.

Global Conservation Challenge

  • Grassland on plateau.
  • Water drop.
  • Ocean acidification. Nelson Suarez, IUCN News.

Global Schools for Local Action Virtual Exchange

  • Recycling water bottles. Mr TinDC. (CC BY-ND 2.0).

Opportunities Bulletin

  • CEESP emerging leaders. Petchrung Sukpong, IUCN Commission on Environmental Economic and Social Policy (CEESP).

IUCN: A World of Sustainable Action

  • Man with arms outstretched on mountaintop.

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  • Mysteries of the Big Blue Biodiversity. © Rafael Rojas.