Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook

The Youth Voices Curriculum Sourcebook (available in English, French, and Spanish) offers a wealth of hands-on activities that make teaching and learning about the natural world both exciting and relevant. From closely observing nature in nearby settings to researching global environmental issues and producing shareable content, the activities help connect children and youth with nature and inspire their passion and action for its conservation—now and into the future.

The activities are organized by learning levels, based on four age groupings, as noted below. However, given that classrooms may include multiple ages and abilities, we encourage teachers to adapt the activities to best serve their students and curricula demands.

AGES 5-7

For young learners ages 5-7, suggested activities get them thinking, doing, and caring for the environment, while also having fun as they experience the wonder and joy of investigating nature in their immediate surroundings.

AGES 8-10

For students ages 8-10, the activities help them understand how nature is integrated into their daily lives, and discover how nature is useful, relevant, and fun to explore, but also needs their care.

AGES 11-13

Learning activities for students ages 11-13 help young people engage with nature firsthand and develop the knowledge, values, and skills to become informed environmental stakeholders who are prepared to take action.

AGES 14 & UP

For youth ages 14 and up, the suggested activities focus on real-world challenges and help students formulate solutions and act on them, while also weighing social, political, cultural, and economic concerns.

Companion resources include the #NatureForAll Playbook (available in EnglishFrench, Spanish, and Chinese) and the World Environment Day Lesson Plan: Nature in Daily Life (also available in Chinese, French, and Spanish). These and other resources found here provide additional strategies and approaches for interacting with nature.