Hello, my name is Daniela. I am a Peruvian environmental educator and filmmaker. I love discovering new aspects of nature, adventure, and time under the sun. I started off my career as a conservation biologist. A passion for sharing nature’s magical gifts inspired me to trade in protected-area conservation project management in the capital for a richer, simpler life in the small fishing villages of Peru. A life of immersion guides me to design and promote alternative models of environmental health, particularly through childhood education.

In 2010, my partners and I formed ConCiencia, a nonprofit that started out as an environmental education summer camp for a small fishing community in northern Peru; today, we are a nature-based education platform working with hundreds of students and many teachers.

Through ConCiencia, I have traveled my country and the world, collaboratively designing nature education programs for communities and promoting active communities with positive environmental bonds. I am resolute that a wholesome education provides as much nature time as possible, and that nature is an ideal matrix to teach all kinds of subjects, from art to language to science.

Also, as a filmmaker, I leverage the power of connectivity and media for social change, and I am currently based in Sydney. I work freelance and pro bono, and collaborate with a creative agency to use the power of storytelling to write a better narrative for the world. Bridging the connection between nature and media will help us entice more people to reconnect with nature and engage with the causes that help us preserve it.

For more information, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook. You can also contact me by email.

We spread our philosophy: we can learn every typical mandatory subject in nature and more.
ConCiencia’s ancestral habitat restoration project provides a learning environment for over 500 students.
Fun abounds in nature, but some play gear is always good to have around to refocus students.