Environmental Stewards

These environmental stewards are bringing innovation and creativity to promote the long-term health of our planet. Working in diverse fields, they are using their skills to draw attention to problems and create new ways to champion the cause of nature conservation. School groups are encouraged to contact them to tap their perspectives and enhance the classroom experience via in-person visits or Skype presentations. This area will be updated regularly with new eco-steward profiles.

Joy Leilei Shih

Protecting the oceans and wilderness spaces through policymaking and advocacy.

Elia Bruno

Creating sustainable stewardship for tools where everyone benefits.

Ikal Angelei

Champion of natural resource governance and community rights.

Shubhendu Sharma

Building tiny forests one tree at a time.

Laura Kutner

Turning waste into items of value.

Celeste Connors

Shaping public-private partnerships.

Abdelaziz Lawani

Social entrepreneur with drones fighting illegal unsustainable practices.

Daniela Benavides

Conservation biologist turned environmental educator and filmmaker.

Chris Wall

Marine biologist and educator with an eye for photography.

Hend Riad and Mariam Hazem

Plastic bags become a weaver’s paradise.

Abbie Barnes

Filmmaker and adventurer of global environment issues.