Nature and Equitable Governance of Ecosystems

Natural resource governance is shaped by the norms, institutions, and processes that determine how power and responsibilities over the resource are exercised, how decisions are taken, and how citizens—men and women—participate in the management of these resources. Sharing power, responsibility, and benefits in natural resource management, as well as strengthening governance arrangements such as legal entitlements, make decisions more transparent, inclusive, and equitable. This is good for both people and nature, and is the basis of a just world that is capable of valuing and conserving nature.

Learning Resources

What does it take to make decisions on nature’s use in ways that are transparent, equitable, and balanced? Find out as contributors on the frontline share their stories.


Water Governance

People involved in and benefiting from the Pangani River Basin Management Project describe the water governance process in place for the project. Length: 1:20 minutes. Source: IUCN.

Lands of Hope: Nature-based Solutions to Land Degradation

See how communities around the world are using nature-based solutions to better manage water, grasslands, and livestock—and create areas that serve as safety nets in times of drought. The IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016 will address the role of nature-based solutions in tackling societal challenges, with events that include an interactive session, a new report, and a workshopSource: IUCN.

Helping Nature and People in Guatemala

San Pablo is situated in the southwestern region of Guatemala, where rivers are the most valuable resources. But ongoing environmental degradation and logging have led to serious water shortages. Learn more about efforts to preserve and regenerate San Pablo’s water resources. Narrated in Spanish with English subtitles. Length: 13:30 minutes. Source: IUCN.

Rivers Uniting Borders

The images, peoples and stories in this video highlight how hydro-diplomacy can happen at different levels—from the local level, with champion networks, to the ministerial level with water legislation processes. Narrated in Spanish (with English subtitles). Length: 11:05 minutes. Source: IUCN.

Think Nature: Guide to Using Nature-based Solutions

Learn how communities living around Mt. Elgon in Kenya and Uganda are using natural solutions, which are always available, to help tackle environmental challenges efficiently. Length: 17:20 minutes. Source: IUCN.