Dongtan Jungang Elementary School

Hwaseong City, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Project Team

Dongtan Jungang Elementary School Students


MiSun Kim


Students at Dongtan Jungang Elementary, a school in a government-planned commuter town outside of Seoul, South Korea, highlight many ‘smart city’ features focused on conserving energy that are found in their town and in their homes and also share various ways that they and their families incorporate the practice and principles of malama honua in their daily lives.


  1. akriti j
    September 8, 2016

    I am extremely surprised quite honestly by the creative and innovative ways Korea has been able to use technology to not only improve the quality of life for themselves but also manage to aid the environment they live in as well. Seeing the different yet simple ways that we can help our environment makes me perplexed as to why other people aren’t already taking an action to improve the environment we live in. In all though I am deeply impressed by the different ways South Korea has been able to help the environment.

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  2. ryan c
    September 8, 2016

    I thought that this presentation was wonderful to read, and taught me so much about what you guys are doing and how to improve the world. The pictures were amazing and kept the presentation that much better. The work you guys did and are doing is amazing. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  3. mary l.
    September 8, 2016

    Very creative ideas! Clear and concise images and directions! You’ve created simple yet effective ideas and solutions to help solve global problems, and you proved that even the smallest changes can make such a big difference!

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  4. t. lee
    September 6, 2016

    It is good that we address environmental issues not only with adults, but also children. Children are easily influenced by what they learn, so it is possible that because they are exposed to an environment where efficient use of energy and sustainability is advocated for, the children may be able to accomplish major feats in addressing environmental issues when they grow up. It is also nice that Korea is willing to use its technology and invest in renewable sources of energy such as the self-powered fitness equipment that is presented here.

    • Your School Name: Cebu International School
  5. kyuhee jo
    September 2, 2016

    Same country, similar environment, but DIFFERENT PROJECT! Comparing this wonderful works with my students’, it clearly shows how young generations protect and care for our nature very differently and creatively. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Your School Name: Deokin elementary school
  6. w. sohn
    August 31, 2016

    Great idea! Many of the kids nowadays are not so considerate about the environment and they do not even recycle. I believe raising awareness of the environment in people since they are young is a necessary measure to keep the Earth green. Just make sure that the students involved fully understand the importance and they are not forced, but encouraged, to carry out the project.

    • Your School Name: Cebu International School
  7. sooji
    August 29, 2016

    What a terrific report! I wanna give students and teacher a big hand. 😀
    I also realize there are various ways of protecting our environment.

    • Your School Name: Dongtan Jungang Elementary School
  8. youngeun ahn
    August 29, 2016

    Interesting! There are so many ways to protect environment in our home, school, and city! I want to apply these thing in my class too.

    • Your School Name: Dongtan Jungang Elementary School
  9. eden
    August 29, 2016

    This is a great project and shows how simple it can be to be environmentally responsible. Just as shown in your project, caring for our earth starts with ourselves in our home and we can take those practices elsewhere like our school and greater community.

    • Your School Name: Australian National University
  10. sreypheang
    August 26, 2016

    I love this presentation. It’s such the good one for students participation of doing that project. It’s the people need it every day. So they may thinking of it more than other materials. I like this project.

    • Your School Name: Cambodian Mekong University
  11. lun sreytouch
    August 25, 2016

    This is a great presentation that students can participate in protecting environment campaign .On the other hand your school could use the natural light in order to reduce the energy.

    • Your School Name: University of health science
  12. panha srey
    August 24, 2016

    This is a good project for students, showing many different and specific activities to conserve the environment and how students are building environment awareness. What we give to the environment, it will give back to us, so we have to save the environment. You all did a great job.

    • breyten
      August 24, 2016

      Great job finding and doing things that help your city stay green

      • yong heo
        August 22, 2016

        It’s sizzling hot thesedays. I really feel global warming. We should act now for the environment. Save the earth, save the future. Act now!

      • haesoo shin
        August 20, 2016

        Great! We can find many good ways to keep this planet clean from this presentation. In daily routine, students can participate in protecting environment campaign.

        • Your School Name: Sangrok highschool
      • kathleen mcgreal
        August 18, 2016

        There are so many wonderful ideas here. I thought weighing the food waste was such a practical way to raise awareness and also personal responsibility. If we all had to know they weight and cost of what we threw away (and also pay for it), I am sure they would be much less waste. I also appreciate the efforts your school is taking. Using natural light and keeping the thermostat regulated are cost-effective ways of reducing energy use. In your community, I thought the inclusion of exercise equipment to generate energy was a fun, healthy approach.

        • Your School Name: Scarsdale HIgh School
      • claire
        August 9, 2016

        Very well laid out presentation! I really liked how the different sections were organised based on where these practices are occurring. It is great to see the many ways students practice sustainability and care for this earth and is also encouraging to see the many sustainable efforts going on in your town. Hopefully your town can pave the way for many others to come!

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