Shape Your Agenda

Finding new solutions to local environmental challenges is often more effective than using pre-packaged ideas. Some ambitious student groups are coming up with their own plans for addressing local challenges. Ask questions and use the feedback to brainstorm ideas of your own.


Students at SEEQS kick off their Essential Question of Sustainability (EQS) project-based course each semester with a series of field studies. Students examining “What is the value of our Stuff?” reflected on their recent visits to the power plant where our island’s waste (e.g. excess “stuff”) is burned to produce energy, and to an art exhibit at a local museum that features plastic and garbage waste repurposed as art.

If two schools in Cebu, Philippines, can collaborate to clean the Butuanon River, imagine what could happen if everyone modeled their actions? For this team, “big things start with small beginnings,” as they take the first step toward creating a greener archipelago.

darul istiqamah_group 1_flower making

Old newspaper, plywood remnants and other wood scraps, discarded items salvaged from trash bins, and twigs and branches from a tree cut down for firewood were enough to provide these students with inspiration and raw materials to create useful and attractive products. Check out their “how to” videos to see what you too can create using discarded items.

cooking with super foods

We know that what we eat affects our health, but how does what we eat help reduce our carbon footprint to contribute to the health of our planet? One way is to cook with nutrient-rich and locally grown or locally available foods. Find out more and also check out some great recipes. Bon appetite!