Take Ten

When arranged purposefully, photos tell a story. These “Take Ten” stories let viewers see what solutions students in different countries have for tackling environmental or sustainability challenges in their communities. Their solutions can be both novel and inspiring. See also posted comments as well as the exchange of questions and answers, and add your own thoughts about the concerns and ideas showcased here.

Through exploration, observation and discussion, these students delve deeply into their community’s sustainable development challenges, while finding practical solutions that everyone could achieve.

By highlighting their community’s efforts to reduce its ecological footprint while boosting economic development, these photo stories from students at Australia’s Baulkam Hills High School show how sustainable development can join forces with urban consolidation.

These young students in East Java don’t hesitate to get their hands dirty for a cleaner environment, and they create chic accessories at the same time. One good idea puts sustainability, innovation, and trade into the same bag!

Applying their research findings on pollution, water usage, the effects of toxic gasses on the ozone layer, and more, these students highlight what they can do to safeguard their environment.

In this student-produced video, this group of enterprising students not only highlights the environmental problems caused by the textile industry in Lahore (and in Pakistan as a whole), but also share their thoughts on what could be done within the industry and through government subsidies and action.

The students of Seaton Burns share their photographic posters to express their concerns about pollution, waste management, habitat loss, and other issues affecting their local environment. They want to send a message that trees are precious, recycling is vital, and nature needs our protection, not abuse.

Whether they are sharing a solution to making a water catchment system or their thoughts about littering and ocean rubbish, these Hapikuu students understand why it’s important to take care of their ‘aina, or the land.


In these photo stories, students highlight their community’s sustainable development challenges and the various ways to address them.

Year 9 students at the International School of Geneva use art to reflect on the interaction between humans and other animals, and Year 8 students share their artworks that demonstrate the impact of water quality on marine biodiversity.

Energy companies are now able to inject highly pressurized liquids deep into rock fractures to extract natural gas, providing energy and jobs. But what are the negative impacts? These Ohio middle-school students explore the complexity of fracking and ask questions about the environmental costs, including on their drinking-water supply.

Students in this semi-rural community close to Boston would like to see the public school bus routes in their community expanded. They think such a move will not only alleviate the morning and afternoon traffic congestion in their school driveway, it will also improve the environment and help their families save money on gas.