Online Communities and Networks

Online communities can bring environmental learning to life, as people discuss, ask questions, and share knowledge. Tap into some of the most engaging communities, or post information about your own network.

#NatureForAll is a global movement to raise awareness, enable and motivate people to experience nature, and inspire a new generation across all sectors of society to value nature and support its conservation. Watch this #NatureForAll animation to learn more about this new IUCN initiative. Celebrate and communicate #NatureForAll with pictures and through social media. Join the movement to create a world with #NatureForAll.

GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) enables students (from elementary to university levels), teachers, scientists, and organizations from more than 110 countries to partner and interact with one another through hands-on investigation and engagement with Earth. Join GLOBE to contribute data, collaborate on projects, and share ideas on environmental topics.

CoalitionWILD is an international network and movement of young people who are implementing ways, as well as using their work to inspire one another, to make a difference for a better future for our planet. You can join the movement, become an ambassador to work as movement builders, participate in a mentorship program, and share your ideas and projects to inspire others as well as provide peer-to-peer support. Learn more at CoalitionWILD, or email:

UN Environment is the leading global authority on environmental agendas, promoting the implementation of sustainable development throughout the United Nations and acting as an advocate for the global environment. Their mission is to encourage partnerships and provide leadership by enabling nations and citizens to improve their own quality of life and that of future generations. Get involved in a variety of activities and invest in the world’s future.

Y4WC is a global network for young and early-career wildlife conservationists. With a passion for wildlife and nature that encourages community led and youth driven projects, this organization promotes  youth engagement and leadership at the international policymaking level. Join today to experience peer-to-peer support, leadership and skills development, and a global network of like-minded individuals. They are also currently organizing the Youth for Wildlife Conservation Forum, which will take place in Sri Lanka 20-28 May, 2019.