Online Communities and Networks

Online communities can bring environmental learning to life, as people discuss, ask questions, and share knowledge. Tap into some of the most engaging communities, or post information about your own network.

#NatureForAll is a global movement to raise awareness, enable and motivate people to experience nature, and inspire a new generation across all sectors of society to value nature and support its conservation. Watch this #NatureForAll animation to learn more about this new IUCN initiative. Celebrate and communicate #NatureForAll with pictures and through social media. Join the movement to create a world with #NatureForAll.

Eeko World is a fun website aimed at elementary school students. Explore ways to make homes and neighborhoods more sustainable by learning about the environment, garbage, and recycling, air and water, plants and animals and more. Students can share their thoughts and ideas on the Eeko Exchange message boards. Eeko World is a website of the Public Broadcasting Corporation.

GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) enables students (from elementary to university levels), teachers, scientists, and organizations from more than 110 countries to partner and interact with one another through hands-on investigation and engagement with Earth. Join GLOBE to contribute data, collaborate on projects, and share ideas on environmental topics.

Tunza is an initiative of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Meaning to “treat with care” in Kiswahili (the common language of most East African countries), Tunza aims to provide young people with information and tools on how to “treat Mother Earth with care” and how to act for a better world. See actions from children around the world. Read stories of UNEP in action. And get involved in the Tunza Actions around the world by contacting:

CoalitionWILD is an international network and movement of young people who are implementing ways, as well as using their work to inspire one another, to make a difference for a better future for our planet. You can join the movement, become an ambassador to work as movement builders, start an alliance to initiate local and regional hubs of activities, and share your ideas and projects to inspire others as well as provide peer-to-peer support. You can also work as off-site interns to advance CoalitionWILD’s mission to galvanize the world’s young changemakers to create a positive impact on our planet. Learn more at, or email: get

The Sierra Club works to preserve and protect open space, historic lands, and natural areas. Local Sierra Club chapters provide opportunities for people to get involved locally, so find out more here. In the State of Hawaiʻi, you can join the Capitol Watch Network to keep up with current environmental issues, contact elected officials, and make your opinion count! Or, join the weekly hikes and experience Hawaiʻi’s unique landscapes and ecosystems. You can also take part in fun neighbor island service project trips. And, the High School Hikers Program organizes hiking activities through which high school students learn about environmental issues and gain skills with which to mālama (cherish) Hawai‘i’s natural resources. See Oahu Group Hike and Outings Schedule for hike and outings descriptions. Click here for Hawaiʻi Chapter contact information.