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Introduction of projects.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Project Team: Cam, Henry, Nick, Devon, Pat, Sam, Tyler, Billy and Amanda

Commercial fishing remains the lifeline for economic development and career opportunities for many communities in Massachusetts. By looking at the pros and cons of commercial fishing, especially in terms of environmental impacts, this group of students thinks that fish farming may offer a viable, if imperfect, solution.

Superfun Superfund

Project Team: Teresa, Karen, Colin, Sara, Becca, Kevin and Maxine

What is a “superfund site” and how does it work? Students share their research findings on the long-term environmental and economic benefits of such investments.

Holy Ship

Project Team: Emily, Connor, Mark

Commercial fishing remains the lifeline for economic development and career opportunities for many communities in Massachusetts. Considering both pros and cons of commercial fishing, especially in terms of their detrimental impact on the environment, this group of students thinks that fish farming may offer a solution, even as they recognize the negative impact of such commercial enterprise.


  1. dylan moorhead
    November 2, 2016

    If we could lower gas emissions our world would be so much cleaner, but how would you spread awareness? How could encourage people to do something about?

    • Your School Name: Connections Public Charter School
  2. krissa
    September 2, 2016

    The title Holy Ship was very catchy and it totally suits the topic. Ships are very valuable to us; it can be a form of transportation or a boost in economics and businesses. However, we should not disregard the fact that these ships also release harmful chemicals to our environment which is also alarming for it greatly affects us, humans. The provided solutions are helpful and catchy.

    • jellsol
      August 10, 2016

      Holy Ship
      This project has a very catchy title. It invites reading. Your team might want to consider a more detailed list of hazardous materials and the risks they bring in a quick table format to emphasize how serious this problem has become. You may also want to consider bullet points to outline the main steps you will take to address the issue.

      Superfun Superfund
      A fun pun for a serious focus! May more governments know of your proposal. What has been your inspiration to work on this project? You might want to consider adding this to one of your campaigns.

      One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
      I thought I was for a tongue twister. Your format of the pros and cons of commercial fishing makes understanding both sides of this issue really easy. What is new in the fish farming solution that you are sharing that will invite people to join your efforts? Please consider adding your answer to this question to your presentation.

      • ahsen ali
        August 10, 2016

        Super fun Superfund
        It was great knowing that government is taking part in human and environment protection and cleaning up toxic places which will play one of the biggest role in helping the environmental programs to succeed. Your presentation was great and I really enjoyed it. Thank you for working for enviroment.

        Holy Ship
        It was a good learning that even if the ships industry plays a huge role in country’s economy but they also pollute the water which is life. You guys did a great job with your presentation. Thank you for working for environment.

        • Your School Name: Furr High School
      • lena hanifah
        August 9, 2016

        it’s interesting to learn how shipbuilding industry always has two faces; benefits and at the same time, the negative impacts for the environment. Building the awareness is the key!

        • Your School Name: Darul Istiqamah Barabai
      • claire
        August 9, 2016

        Superfund: It sounds to me that these measures are absolutely necessary both for the sake of human health and the environment as a whole. I do wonder what kind of land areas are typically superfund sites. Are these usually in populated areas or remote locations? Despite the financial responsibility that it would take to cleanup the land, it sounds like a worthy investment if the land can then be reintroduced to the community and also avoid harming people, animals and other wildlife.

        Shipbuilding: Great presentation, everything was very clear and easy to follow! I found your summary of the history of shipbuilding in New England to be very useful and informative in order to understand why it has been an important part of the area, despite the ecological problems that these ships may pose. I gather that the solutions deal more with a further understanding and knowledge that these practices are harmful and efforts to reduce the use of harmful chemicals, however wonder what the impact would be for jobs if we stopped using shipyards all together.

        • ilana tamir
          August 9, 2016

          Ship building: First off, i love your title, its really funny. Also, i like how you have a brief but detailed background of your issue. Your slide about the actual issue was very precise and clearly laid out the problem and i think that works really well and then you immediately went into your possible solutions and i think that ended the presentation really well.

          • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
        • katelyn sebastian
          August 8, 2016

          The project you have selected is something I have never heard of. After reading the slides you have provided, I now know why you have selected this problem. I wish you success in accomplishing your goals. Aloha!

          • Your School Name: Nanakuli High and Intermediate
        • sophie cammarata
          August 8, 2016

          You all did a very good job! Your project is very well organized. I liked how you started each page by explaining what it is your talking about, and then continued by listing the pros and cons, the effects, and then how it works. Overall this is a very well organized, clear, and informative project!

          • alycia w.
            August 8, 2016

            One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,
            I already have opinions of my own about the subject of this project, but I do like that you took into consideration that commercial fishing does provide jobs. However, I strongly believe there is far too much commercial fishing going on and people are becoming a bit greedy with taking more than they should.

            • nick s
              August 8, 2016

              Great job on the one fish two fish red fish blue fish project. I thought you all did a good job at describing the complexity of the adverse ecological impacts overfishing can have, and did a great job at recommending potential solutions to the problem.

              • alycia w.
                August 8, 2016

                Hi Teresa, Karen, Colin, Sara, Becca, Kevin, and Maxine! I really enjoyed how your group focused heavily on the benefits of superfund sites. I did not know much about them before looking over your project and I am now much more informed. I particularly enjoyed learning about the long term benefits the most: how that even though the process may be expensive, in the end it is more beneficial to complete the job and sell it off again.
                Thanks for sharing!

                • sydney mone
                  August 8, 2016

                  Your project was super interesting! I learned so much. I learned a lot about the shipping and fishing industries. Great job!

                  • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School

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