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How can school cafeteria meals lighten up on harmful toxins and environmental damage? This video outlines new approaches to making the globe greener by re-thinking the lunch tray and other school lunch supplies.

The Green Initiative: Biodegradable School Lunch Trays and Supplies


  1. derek v.
    September 8, 2016

    I thought that this was a great video that told excellent points on how using styrofoam can be harmful to the environment and I thought your solution to the problem was very good.

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  2. ethan l.
    September 8, 2016

    I found this presentation to be very informative about the harmful effects of Styrofoam. Good idea to make your video about school lunch trays because it’s an object used everyday around the world. This video make me realize how some of the everyday objects we use at school can have very harmful effects on our lives. I think it was important how you added about how Styrofoam could be replaced and how countries were already taking action against this problem.

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale high school
  3. niki a.
    September 8, 2016

    Wow! This is fantastic project because it really helps display the issue and the consequences of using Styrofoam, especially to people unaware of the problems. The research is really well done and I learned a lot. The solution, too, was well researched and projected. You really showed it as a product for the future, and inspired others to support the cause.

    • krissa
      September 2, 2016

      This is simple but very effective. It proves that we can make a big impact in helping our environment by just doing simple things and that includes starting the change in our school.

      • mr p.
        May 19, 2016

        Excellent job Ethan!
        This is the reason McDonald’s
        gave up styrofoam containers
        for their Big Macs!!

        • jazira z.
          May 18, 2016

          I really enjoyed this video, and I agree that schools should stop the use of styrofoam for lunch trays because it is very harmful to the environment, and a lack of proper recyling methods for it can pose long term risks for the environment. This is an issue that should become more of a priority.

          • samm d
            May 18, 2016

            This video was very informative and I fully support everything in this video. Definitely motivated me to make a difference in the world even if it is something small.

            • nicole
              May 18, 2016

              I found this presentation very interesting. Good idea to make your video about school lunch trays because it is a everyday product that students use. This video is very informative and well done. I didn’t know that styrofoam was bad for our health and bad for the environment.

              • lisabeth s.
                May 18, 2016

                I liked this video because it explained the harmful effects of styrofoam in a simple way. Examples of everyday use were given, as well as ways to replace styrofoam in our everyday lives. The video talks about how other countries are already responding to this issue, which will motivate people in the US to take action now.

                • cody m.
                  May 18, 2016

                  This video to me was interesting. I agree with your idea about changing styrofoam materials into biodegradable because it can save many animals and the environment so toxins and green house gases are not released into the environment and is not damaged by the tiny pieces of styrofoam that is left in the open. Styrofoam may be cheap but it is not helping our planet. Now I know styrofoam is affecting our environment in many ways.

                  • max k.
                    May 18, 2016

                    Your video did a great job presenting the facts about each product and demonstrated its benefits and harmful effects very well. I am constantly trying to avoid the use of styrofoam in my daily life and try to discourage others from using it as well. My school currently uses styrofoam plates and bowls for serving cold and hot items at lunch. Yes, the environment is and should be a key factor in all decisions but there is also an economic side to everything. If I were to go talk to the head of my school about the current styrofoam products and recommend replacing them with the biodegradable products you talked about in your video presentation, one of the questions I would receive or one that would be researched before any decisions are made would be the cost of the product. Which product is cheaper? The styrofoam products or the biodegradable products? If the styrofoam is cheaper, is it worth the extra money for the school to purchase the new eco-friendly products at a higher cost? Would the cost be minimal enough for the food budget at my school to cover it or would the increased cost have to be pushed on to the students, which would lead to an increase in the cost of each food item.

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