Scarsdale High School

Scarsdale, New York, United States

Project Team

Scarsdale High School Students


John Neering


All companies large and small can be more “green” in their practices. So, these students share their research on local businesses and offer their thoughts on how they could become more green.


Shell Gas

Project Team: Niklas Lang, Nicky Crandall, Tom Camaj, Jason Messinger,
Stephanie Fan

A local Shell station presents a conflicting dilemma for these students: Even as they appreciate the services they offer, not to mention the lower gas price that results from the competition it gives to the Gulf gas station next door, they understand the cost of their reliance on the Shell station’s services.

cooked co_scarsdale high school

Cooked & Co.Restaurant

Cooked & Co. provides quick, healthy, and filling meals as well as job opportunities. It also produces significant amounts of food waste and trash, including plastic take-out containers, and relies on food products imported from other countries. Scarsdale students offer their ideas for how this company could become more green.


Go Greenly

Project Team: Morgan Titone, Signe Forsingdal, Arushi Sahay, and Emily Natbony

Go Greenly is a locally branded frozen yogurt that is popular with students at Scarsdale. Students share the interviews they conducting with the company and suggest how Go Greenly could go greener.


Giannonis Deli

Project Team: Nick Visnius, Geffen Segall, Justin Barlow, and Kara Elcik

Students at Scarsdale and nearby high schools frequent the local deli Giannonis. Their consider the deli’s large volume of business, its impact on the environment, and suggest ways they could be more green through the use of locally sourced products and ways to conserve energy and water use.

hymes and company

Hymes and Company CPA

Project Team: Elizabeth, Gabe, Donte and John

All companies large and small can be more “green” in their practices. For these financial aid and account firms, they have been taking small steps to make their firm more environmentally friendly, but they are committed to making additional efforts to make their location even more green by the spring of 2018.


  1. dylan moorhead
    November 2, 2016

    I think if businesses read this they could get a better understanding of their environment and use different tactics and solutions to create a better environment. Good job. After doing this would you create your own business and use solutions and research you obtained?

    • Your School Name: Connection Public Charter School
  2. t. lee
    September 6, 2016

    It is great that you have looked into a variety of different companies that have different purposes, from gasoline companies to food companies. Each PowerPoint is very organized and always has information on how the company affects the environment, some measures they are taking to reduce the toll on the environment, as well as possible solutions for them, which is delivered in a very creative and appealing manner.

    • Your School Name: Cebu International School
  3. joan weber
    September 5, 2016

    The projects represent a local effort but address a global issue. Keep up the good work. A new generation will make the world greener.

    • w. sohn
      August 31, 2016

      Well done! I am really impressed how detailed the outcome of your project is with a document for each environmental problems. It is also remarkable how students are encouraged to think. They not only thought about the benefit of eco-friendly alternatives, but also their disadvantages, and why currently popular methods that harm the environment have to be used. Hopefully, this project can develop students’ insight about the environmental problem of their community, and even encourage them to undertake specific, original projects.

      • Your School Name: Cebu International School
    • andrew k.
      August 30, 2016

      Giannois Deli
      Contents of the presentation are well organized. I really like the analysis of how things in the restaurant can cause impact on the local environment. Also the solutions are very nice. With these solutions, the local environment might be much better than now.
      Very Good 🙂

      • Your School Name: Kyeongbuk Highschool
    • kyle lee
      August 29, 2016

      I really enjoyed reading this project! It is very impressive that many local businesses are working hard to be more ‘green’.
      I especially liked the research about ‘Go Greenly’. It is amazing that this brand sells healthy fat-free yogurt packaged only in environmentally-friendly products. I could remind myself that protecting the Earth does not have to involve high expenses and large scale.
      Awesome job!

      • Your School Name: Kyeongbuk High School
    • h.s.kwon
      August 29, 2016

      The project Hymes and Company CPA is awesome idea. The effort that makes green earth, green world is so impressive. I can realize what a greatful effort of their company! Really excellent.

      • Your School Name: Kyeongbuk high school
    • dean park
      August 26, 2016

      Learning theoretical stuffs is significant but having chance to applying those things that you know to local community is more meaningful and desirable, especially in the field of environmental science. I envy them of their availability to do practical real life projects that are not possible our school’s cirriculum.

      • Your School Name: KyeongBuk highschool
    • pieri
      August 21, 2016

      Hymes and Company CPA,
      Thank you for your time in sharing your project. The introduction is thorough and well thought out. It was good that you painted the before picture of the non-environmentally friendly business setting and then showed the improvements made. I’m curious to know if any of the implementation has been in both offices and to what capacity does it impact that specific environment. Has the implementation been encouraged to the neighboring businesses? The “There’s more to come” does show promise that deeper learning is being applied to the project and hopefully will continue to grow.

      • Your School Name: FURR High School<
    • ahsen ali
      August 10, 2016

      Shell Gas Station
      It was a great presentation and its a great idea checking emission of gases at the station which will let everyone think and know about it and is a great way to educate people which will help getting new ideas and innovation.

      • Your School Name: Furr High School
    • lena hanifah
      August 9, 2016

      Go Greenly.
      I love the idea how it used the degradable equipments, such as fork, bowl etc. The fat-free and organic ingredients also attracted people to buy more. However, they have to be imported overseas. It should be better if the company empower and support the local farmers to provide the supplies.

      • Your School Name: Darul Istiqamah Barabai
    • nick s
      August 8, 2016

      I thought the idea of emissions checks at gas stations such as shell, is a great idea to get a sense of our carbon footprint, and how much we each may be contributing to greenhouse gas emissions; and therefore should be included in many other gas stations elsewhere. This knowledge may prove useful and important in helping come up with alternative strategies to reduce the negative impacts we may be having.

      • alycia w.
        August 8, 2016,
        Wow. This company is already so green, it’s amazing! I like that your company realized how green the company is, but that you looked into how else the company can go green.
        Awesome job!

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