Baulkham Hills High School

Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Project Team

Year 9 Elective Geography Class


Noelene Barkas


By highlighting various features in their community that aim to reduce their ecological footprint while boosting economic development, students at Baulkam Hill HS share their photo stories of sustainable development through urban consolidation.

1 - New Highrise


  1. year 9 geography elective class
    September 22, 2016

    Thank you for the wonderful comments about our project! We are glad you’ve enjoyed it. We had a great time taking photos of our community to promote sustainable development by reducing ecological footprint.

    • Your School Name: Baulkham Hills High School
  2. sanmae l.
    September 10, 2016

    I love how they used certain places in their community and explained how they contribute to the ecological development. I was really attracted to the places, how clean they are, and how these young people are so aware of their contribution towards change.

    • Your School Name: Cebu International School
  3. carolina
    September 7, 2016

    I love the project! I admire how you highlighted the eco-friendly aspects of your community helping raise awareness! Having real photos of your town makes it personal and helps show people around the world how they can use your town as a model to create a better world. Your project shows the positive strides that your community has already taken! Keep up the good work!!

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  4. alex
    September 7, 2016

    Really interesting and informative presentation. The pictures were great and the writing was easy to read, so it was impossible not to learn. Cool to see that kids are so focused on sustainability and the future of the planet. Keep it up

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  5. evan h
    September 7, 2016

    I think that your project is a great way to try and raise awareness about erasing your ecological foot print through the apartments and through transportation. In addition, they are high quality images that clearly portray what you are talking about in the caption.

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  6. t. lee
    September 6, 2016

    It is great that your community has thought of not only the ecological aspects of development, but also ways to sustain them. Some people usually tend to brush aside feasibility when coming up with projects involving the environment, but it is good to know that you have thought of this thoroughly by thinking of how to sustain such ideals, appealing to a wide variety of interests for the community which will definitely help raise funds as well as create awareness.

    • Your School Name: Cebu International School
  7. krissa
    September 2, 2016

    It’s good to know that such young kids are thinking about the future of or world. Their show of care and importance towards Mother Nature is inspiring and at the same an encouragement to all the young aspirants our there who also wants to make a change. Keep it up kids, may you continue your mission to make a difference in this changing world.

    • syifa azzahra
      September 1, 2016

      The project you have taken on is amazing! I do love the way of the students by highlighting various features for reducing the ecological footprint and developing with regards to sustainability also environment , it’s quiet clear that the student’s awareness to their environment is so high and it’s also would raise the community’s awareness around. I believe that the raising of awareness has many positively impact so that you can easily work together to maintain the environment. Great job and keep it up !

      • Your School Name: Darul Istiqamah
    • w. sohn
      August 31, 2016

      Well done! Many people still think eco-friendly alternative lifestyle is unrealistic. By highlighting eco-friendly features around you, I am sure that your project can raise awareness of the environment and encourage other people to seek similar alternatives. I also like how detailed your work is! There are many pictures, with detail of each of them. Perhaps you can encourage students from surrounding areas to undertake this project.

      • Your School Name: Cebu International School
    • eden
      August 29, 2016

      Really nicely presented project. It is fascinating to see how other communities around the country are developing and really great to see that your community is still working to maintain environmentally friendly economic development.

      • Your School Name: Australian National University
    • mia
      August 28, 2016

      Your presentation does a great job showcasing the ways your community is developing with regards to sustainability and the environment. Very interesting!

      • panha srey
        August 24, 2016

        Nice slide presentation! This is a great project, showing students’ concerns about sustainable development in the community and ecological system. I like how you focus on triple points to develop the community, like economic, environment, and attracting people to accommodate in the community. We have to balance these three things in order benefit from each of them. I so appreciate this project.

        • Your School Name: Royal University of Phnom Penh
      • zach c.
        August 23, 2016

        Great slideshow! Because of me living in the USA, it is cool to see all of the ways to stop pollution in Australia! Well done

        • Your School Name: TP Middle School
      • sean wong
        August 11, 2016

        I think that your project was very good, and it displayed important aspects that contributed to the sustainability and economic growth of your community. I think that the explanations were concise, and were able to sufficiently describe the content of the pictures.

        • Your School Name: Brooklyn Friends School
      • ilana tamir
        August 8, 2016

        I like how there were pictures from your actual town and not just stock photos from the internet. Also the issue was very interesting, the way that you are attracting more people to stimulate economic growth while simultaneously trying to reduce your carbon footprint. However, from this presentation it seems like you are making positive strides towards your goal.

        • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
      • kiana
        August 8, 2016

        Aloha! Great job on highlighting your communities ecological footprint. I think that it is fabulous that young adults are aware of the places in their community that help our ecological development. Taking care of our environment is the first step to having a positive future. We must care for the world so that we may pass it on in a good condition.

        • joshua
          August 8, 2016

          Like everyone else I to enjoyed your presentation, the fact that your community has the the ability to adjust then to give up. Not only will this help them but also inspire others to have a sustainable development. All in all good job and just keep it up👍.

          • Your School Name: Nanakuli high & intermediate
        • claire
          August 8, 2016

          Great presentation! Very clear and easy to follow. It is interesting to see how your community has grown in order to both accomodate the growing population and develop itself sustainably, all while still maintaining its sense of community. It is also wonderful to see an economically advancing community still maintain its standards of sustainable development.

          • nick s
            August 8, 2016

            Great job! I enjoyed the presentation and the photos, and I think that the effort to build sustainable communities will be an increasingly important issue to tackle in the future given recent global changes. It is nice to see you making a conscious effort to benefit your communities in positive ways.

            • sydney mone
              August 8, 2016

              I really enjoyed your slide show. I think it’s great that your community makes such an effort to be sustainable. I really liked the pictures and thought they were really beneficial in explaining the different aspects. The only suggestion I would have would be to make the font larger so it is easier to read. Great job!

              • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School

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