John F. Kennedy Middle School

Hudson, Massachusetts, United States

Project Team

John F. Kennedy Middle School Students



Students in this semi-rural community close to Boston would like to see the public school bus routes in their community expanded. They think such a move will not only alleviate the morning and afternoon traffic congestion in their school driveway, it will also improve the environment and help their families save money on gas.

  • A map of Hudson Public Schools’ bus routes
  • Students waiting at a designated school bus stop
  • Students being picked up for school
  • An empty school bus showing not many students and families take advantage of the bus service
  • A sign for bus and car routes at John F. Kennedy (JFK) Middle School
  • Daily traffic jam at JFK driveway with cars waiting to pick students up after school
  • The families of these students avoid the traffic jam and save money by using the school bus
  • Rising price of gas in Hudson
  • Various car parts in an auto repair shop
  • Learning how to build and fix energy-efficient buses and cars would help the environment and provide job opportunities


  1. sanmae l.
    September 10, 2016

    I found their idea very practical. Extending bus routes to lessen traffic and save money implies change. This project can really help families and improve students’ lives socially as they engage with others, developing a sense of familiarity with them. 

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  2. nathan b.
    September 8, 2016

    Amazing work! I completely agree with your ideas and they were presented perfectly! Great job!

    • Your School Name: Scarsdale High School
  3. nathan b.
    September 8, 2016

    Amazing work! I completely agree with your points and they were presented extremely well. Great job!

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  4. krissa
    September 2, 2016

    It was a great idea for us to reduce garbage and a good way to reuse and recycle things. It can’t just benefit our environment but it is also a good form of living and can help you in your financial needs.

    • 9 girls of oedeey
      July 18, 2016

      Using a school bus seems like a good way for students’ families to save money on gas and also help reduce traffic congestion in the school parking lot and driveway. We suppose that if students have to take buses to school, then your country will not experience traffic jam.

      • p.s. from faircrest
        May 25, 2016

        Dear JFK,
        That was a very good way to show how gas is and how it is used. Most people if they have the opportunity, they should walk or take the bus as a car pool. This saves you money and helps save the economy at the same time. But on the other hand, if you look at it another way, it helps with job opportunities because of the mechanics, ETC. So there are some pros and cons of that. Well done project!!!!!!!!

        • odibs
          May 18, 2016

          Since you have to be dropped off and picked up at school, we think your ideas are good. Since we study at an Islamic boarding school, we live in dormitories and don’t get dropped off or picked up. We simply walk to go to school 😀

          • mubarak .
            May 18, 2016

            I agree with your opinion. Using school buses will reduce traffic congestion, can help with parents’ finances, and also educate students to become independent.

            • michaeltwagner
              May 16, 2016

              Carlee, most things we do go to the hole in the ozone layer….Good job with the pictures guys

              • mr. otlin
                May 16, 2016

                Good work, JFK. You’ve correctly pointed out some of the benefits of expanded bus routes. Have you considered if there may be any disadvantages to expanding bus routes and why the district has not done so?

                • kathy s.
                  May 16, 2016

                  Great job Pearl Team! What a fun project. I agree that more kids should ride the bus or maybe carpool. In my neighborhood there are six students going to the same school in the morning but they get there by five different forms of transportation. This includes 1 bus,1 student driver,and 3 different parents driving. Over one school year this is a substantial amount of gas wasted.
                  Keep up the good work JFK Pear Team!!!!

                  • katie
                    May 16, 2016

                    Nice job Pearl team. I hope you guys learned a lot from this project. So I hope to keep this up with all the learning 🙂

                    • heather
                      May 16, 2016

                      Hello everyone! I would like to thank all of you for commenting. I never thought this would turn into something so huge. I think that walking to school would be a good thing to do, but the parking lot at JFK is so full and congested that it might not always be safe. The other problem is that, no, not everyone in the town has access to a bus so that is a huge problem that is forcing the parents to drive. I also think that the problem issome kids are very far from a bus stop which is inconvienient. I do think that if we showed this to more students it would raise public awareness by 100%. Thank you all for commenting once again.

                      • jordan s.
                        May 16, 2016

                        Hi again everyone! Some one asked about how we hope we would advertised public transportation in our community. Well, we showed all of the pictures we took on our school website, and we wrote about what it was. We also put them on a website for others to look at as well. I hope I answered your question!

                        • jordan s.
                          May 16, 2016

                          Hi again everyone! Some one asked if some people do take school buses in our community and others don’t. In our community we do have some people that do not take the buses. If you don’t live that far away from school, you do not get to ride the bus. You have to walk or get a ride, but you can always carpool to save gas! If you live farther away, you do get to get to ride the bus. Thank you.

                          • jordan s.
                            May 16, 2016

                            Thank you for looking at our project! The question about more people taking mass transportation caught my attention. I hope that this project will encourage more people to take the bus because now more people might understand it better. People might now think about taking the bus to school instead of every one driving to school. We have shared our project with our school and community and hope to have an impact.

                            • jonathan t.
                              May 16, 2016

                              Thank you everyone for looking at our project and commenting. Getting electric buses would be a great way to help the environment. Buses need a lot of fuel to run and its very expensive to fuel all of them. Although it will cost a lot of money to make electric buses, but in the end it will be saving more money, not pollute the environment, and it will create new jobs for mechanics, etc. We believe that this would be the best option for promoting sustainablility. Again, thank you all for taking your time to look at our project and comment.

                              • rizqi z.m.
                                May 13, 2016

                                I think the “School Bus” program in USA is really great. It can reduce the greenhouse effect and reduce the fuel usage. I hope there will be school buses in Indonesia. Especially in Lamongan, East Java. This may prevents the earth from global warming because usually in Indonesia we use our personal vehicles.

                                • yuan edo r.
                                  May 13, 2016

                                  I must say that energy-efficient school bus is a very nice idea!

                                  • mike d.
                                    May 13, 2016

                                    Really cool project!

                                    • eranne
                                      May 13, 2016

                                      Where I live we don’t have businesses. We only have one store and it is the City-One-Stop. We don’t have traffic here and we have a little town. Almost every student rides the bus to school. It would be nice if we had energy-efficent buses so we can save on energy.

                                      • zoe
                                        May 13, 2016

                                        This is a really imformative project on the economy in Hudson about transportation. People should really consider it a problem that needs to be resolved.

                                        • maila
                                          May 13, 2016

                                          This is da bomb.
                                          [Note from AsiaPacificEd Crossings: “Da bomb” is American slang to mean “excellent, outstanding, great, cool,” etc. ]

                                          • hayden b.
                                            May 13, 2016

                                            Well, our town is so small we have three businesses in one building: a gas station, a restaurant, and a grocery store. Gas prices are getting out of control, so we need energy-efficient buses to help our school save ALOT of money and we can buy stuff that we need at our school.
                                            P.S. This is a cool project.

                                            • zach and chad
                                              May 13, 2016

                                              Good job guys! you did good and put a lot of hard work into this!

                                              • shelbie s.
                                                May 13, 2016

                                                I love how organized your school is!!! It’s great! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

                                                • lochie
                                                  May 13, 2016

                                                  This is a very good subject. I think that public transport should be used a lot more everywhere. Well done.

                                                  • dwang
                                                    May 11, 2016

                                                    Dear Students at JFK middle school, I learned much about oil consumption and its impacts. However, I wonder if you think that turning even a majority of the world’s billions of vehicles into sustainable vehicles is actually possible. If so, how expensive would it be if everyone had to switch fuel consuming vehicles into electric powered vehicles so that we could truly be sustainable. After all, fuel consumption merely delays the inevitable, the eventual chaos the world will plunge into if fuel runs out.

                                                    • emily and ellie
                                                      May 11, 2016

                                                      Dear students at John F Kennedy Middle School,
                                                      We learned today that our schools are very alike. We too face the problem of many people not taking the bus and driving to and from school. This is polluting our planet extremely. We love your project and thought it was very informative!
                                                      Thank you for sharing!

                                                      • alex
                                                        May 11, 2016

                                                        Dear students of JFK middle school,
                                                        I really enjoyed seeing your project. It was very intricate and original. This project made me realize how important our little steps are to be more sustainable. That taking the bus can be so much more economical and environmentally friendly.

                                                        • n b.
                                                          May 11, 2016

                                                          Your project was good, and I like your idea of expanding bus route to get more kids to ride buses because it would save money and save time so there is little jam in mornings at schools and at the end of the day.

                                                          • nathan
                                                            May 11, 2016

                                                            I agree that people should use public transport. Great project.

                                                            • sydney
                                                              May 9, 2016

                                                              I agree that some of the bus routes should be changed. This also affects me because I live too close to my school that I do not get buses which makes me take a car to and from school. I see that in both cases that if the came to other places that it would make a big difference in our community. In your community, do some people get bus transportation and others don’t?

                                                              • maddie
                                                                May 9, 2016

                                                                Dear John F. Kennedy students , I have enjoyed learning about sustainability issues in your community and comparing them to the issues in my community. Where I live you only get a bus if you live a certain distance away from the school. Is this the same in your community? In your town since many people do not take advantage of the bussing system do you think that if you showed this research to more people they would take the busing system? Since gas prices are rising this will make mass transportation even more important. Do you think in result of this more people will try mass transportation?

                                                                • rohan h.
                                                                  May 9, 2016

                                                                  I learned that there are many families in your community that choose not to take advantage of the public transportation that the school provides. I saw in your pictures how many cars were waiting to pick students up after school. I can see that by doing this a lot of greenhouse gases are being released but this amount can be reduced. I think that it should be encouraged in all communities to use public transportation as it is a good way to reduce carbon monoxide. I see this similar situation in my community and I believe people can do more. How do you hope to advertise to your community that public transportation should be used?

                                                                  • leah
                                                                    May 9, 2016

                                                                    Dear JFK Middle School,
                                                                    It was interesting to see your thoughts on how taking the bus to school can help yourself and the environment. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures. My question is if you know how many kids take the bus to your school each day and how many get driven each day? Great Job!

                                                                    • eric
                                                                      May 9, 2016

                                                                      This issue of public transportation is a huge issue we face in Scarsdale because like your community, many citizens drive around in gas-guzzling vehicles rather than take advantage of the public transportation system.

                                                                      • peyton
                                                                        May 9, 2016

                                                                        Dear students at JFK Middle School, I really enjoyed looking at your project. In Scarsdale most people take the bus to school, but for some the bus doesn’t come to the area where they live so they have to drive. Sometimes we get stuck in traffic near the school and end up late. Your idea of expanding the bus route is a great idea because it would make it easier for everyone to get to school. It would also save gas and be better for the environment which is really good. Thank you for the great idea.

                                                                        • jd
                                                                          May 9, 2016

                                                                          In my town buses are a popular way of transportation and it is cheap and sustainable. I would like to know how much gas is released from a bus to the number of cars with the same number of people on the bus.

                                                                          • eliza
                                                                            May 9, 2016

                                                                            Hi, I think this is a really great project. Many of the projects that we did at our school were similar to this in the ideas of sustainable transportation. I learned that Hudson is a lot like Scarsdale in the ideas of some students take the bus and other choose not to. Once again this was a great project.

                                                                            • jon, stephen, harvey
                                                                              May 9, 2016

                                                                              We have the same issues here in Scarsdale with some kids taking the bus which is good, but we also have others who take cars which is worse in the long term idea.

                                                                              • zach and chad
                                                                                May 1, 2016

                                                                                Good job guys! you did good and put a lot of hard work into this!

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