Oemar Diyan Boarding School

Aceh, Indonesia

Project Team

Oemar Diyan Boarding School – Secondary School, Grade 11


Nurullah Amri, Hanif Dahlan and Ilham Hidayatullah


Through exploration, observation and discussion, these students delve deeply into their community’s sustainable development challenges, while finding practical solutions that everyone could achieve.

Picture Number 5

Protecting Our Land & Water

Project Team: Group 1

Students uncover land and water issues both near and far from their community and the solutions used to solve them.

Picture Number 3

Reducing our Environmental Impact

Project Team: Group 2

From cleaning up school yard waste to looking at ways to reduce transportation issues, these students learn how they and their community can make a difference when it comes to decreasing their environmental impact.

Picture Number 6

Garbage as a Resource

Project Team: Group 3

Putting their minds and creativity to work, these students have turned garbage into fun handicrafts.


  1. firdaus jurida
    December 27, 2016

    It is looking very sad for I hope we all are aware of our actions which wastes natural resources of our world.

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