Farming the London Way

Ashley Lydiate is growing crops in the most unlikely of spaces: the city. A resident of London and proponent of vertical farming, he wants to knit the practice of farming into the lives and homes of urban-dwellers.

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“For too long we have accepted that food must be grown outside urban areas,” he explains. To change people’s thinking, he is teaching them how to get their hands dirty and their plants growing without soil in nooks, crannies, and window bays through vertical farming, hydroponics, and aquaponics. If he has his way, city-slickers will be farmers and can harvest veggies for dinner from their own walls. Click here for the original article that appeared in Deutsche Welle.

Guiding Questions

  • Do you think practicing vertical farming would change the way city people feel about nature? How and why?
  • Could your class (or home, place of work, etc.) follow some of the vertical farming methods to grow plants indoors? What would you grow and why?

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