Lands of Hope: Nature-Based Solutions to Land Degradation

Communities that suffer from land degradation are restoring health to local environments in surprising ways. Instead of adapting with technology and innovation, they are reviving ancient and sustainable traditions.

A third of the planet’s landmass is afflicted by the loss of natural ecosystems, which imperils the well-being of billions of people and numerous endangered species. Drylands—grasslands, savannah, and woodlands that provide sources for food, fuel, and water—are especially at risk. Communities around the world are applying simple but ingenious ancient practices, returning to what are called nature-based solutions. In Jordan, farmers and animal herders allow animals to graze intensively for short periods of time, which invigorates the growth of grass. In Burkina Faso in western Africa, planting seeds in pits lined with organic fertilizer helps crops and seedling trees weather droughts. In Peru, the expertise of indigenous peoples is helping safeguard biodiversity. Click here for the full article.

Guiding Questions

  • Why are traditional practices so effective in meeting environmental challenges?
  • What sustainable traditions are part of the cultural heritage where you now live? Which might improve the local environment?

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