The Miracle of Trees

“We humans, no matter how intelligent we are, no matter how capable we are, with all our technologies, we are helpless in the face of climate change,” asserts Professor Legessa Negash. Luckily, he also explains that where human enterprise falters, trees, shrubs, and grasses can prevail.

In Ethiopia, centuries of farming along with a changing climate have left the land dusty and barren. Drought alternates with heavy rains and flash floods, endangering crops and people. Yet by planting native species on surrounding mountainsides, experts and local villagers restored the water cycle in only five years. Now, the tree canopy collects rain water and protects it as it gradually soaks into the subsoil and channels into streams that flow year-round. These irrigate local farms, which brings stability to the lives of inhabitants.

Guiding Questions

  • According to the video, how can reforestation renew the environments in other countries in northeast Africa?
  • How do people cope with drought and floods in your country or community? Might reforestation help?

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