Stop the Burning

As the “Lungs of World,” rainforests are vital to human prosperity, health, and survival. We know how to halt deforestation, but do we have the wisdom to forego immediate gratification for long-term gains?

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Rain forests are a “weather engine,” “the genetic bank of the planet,” and a “supermarket” of materials and resources for people worldwide. 1.6 billion people live off these forests, which are also home to 60 million indigenous peoples. Without rain forests, global warming will be more severe, exacerbating drought and heavy rains. On the other hand, protecting rain forests can spur economic growth and ensure that the bounty of these unique ecosystems are preserved for future generations. In this video, narrated by Jane Goodall, thirty environmental, political, and economic leaders explain how each of us has a stake in protecting the world’s forests and a responsibility to stop the madness.

Guiding Questions

  • What are the environmental, cultural, and economic connections rain forests have to your life?
  • How might young people in your community raise awareness about the importance of protecting the world’s rain forests?

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