Tuning in to Local Voices

Young people use film to document locals’ responses to dwindling water supplies. Members of the Mogath, a semi-nomadic community in northeastern Uganda, convene to define the problem and hammer out solutions.

In interviews, people describe how the changing climate is endangering the surrounding environment and their livelihoods. Infrequent rainfall has dried up riverbeds and once lush grasslands, leaving the animals upon which the Mogath depend thirsty and hungry. When rain does fall, it triggers dangerous floods. A community meeting is held and people take turns proposing solutions to strengthen the ecology and stabilize their prospects for the future. Some suggest building small dams to control floods, others want to plant trees to help the water cycle or turn to farming. This video shows both how voices in a community can be documented and how organizations like the IUCN can engage locals to bring about a brighter future.

Guiding Questions

  • Which of the proposed solutions do you think will work best for the Mogath community and why?
  • How do people in your community discuss problems and design strategies to address them?

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