Combatting the Scourge of Wildlife Trafficking

It’s big business, but deadly for animals and harmful to us all. Wildlife trafficking, killing protected species of fish, animals, or plants and selling their coveted remains on the black market, is a global crime. The practice is driving numerous species to extinction and disrupting ecosystems.

Black Rhino Namibia by Save the Rhino (SRT)

The violations take varied forms: African elephants poached for ivory, pangolins stripped of their scales, or rare fungi, orchids, and trees uprooted for their medicinal uses or beauty. Stamping out the sophisticated networks of armed crime rings that operate across international borders requires global will and coordination. IUCN works with governments and agencies to pass tough laws, strengthen enforcement, and educate people about the environmental cost of goods that originate in atrocities committed in forests, oceans, swamps, and deserts around the planet. Click here for the original article.

Guiding Questions

  • What products do you know of that come from wildlife trafficking?
  • What do you think governments, agencies, and individuals should do to combat the illegal killing of wildlife?

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